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Strategy is not a PowerPoint, it’s a prototype.

Business strategies that are disconnected from the details of the user experience are useless. In a digital world, disruptive ideas are not even the half of it. Your ideas must connect to your story, your interface, your infrastructure. That’s a strategy. And it doesn’t live in PowerPoint.

Narrative Strategy

Start with your story, and build on it.

The backbone of every corporate strategy, every campaign, every product and solution is its narrative. More than ever, marketing efforts need a story that goes across contexts and channels and connects with buyers. It is the thread that ties your messaging and value proposition together and frames your customer experience.

With our 5-Act Framework process and professional storytellers, we can help you plot a tight, convincing narrative that unites your company and compels your customers into action.

Experience Design Strategy

You change minds when you change the experience.

The experience your customer has with your product or service is what makes or breaks your brand, and not much more. You drive loyalty by delivering a better experience. A better experience turns customers from one-time buyers of your product into lifetime users of your brand. From buyers to users, that’s the idea.

But connecting with a generation of digital natives can feel like uncharted territory. It takes a deep understanding of digital business models, design, and UX engineering to build a competitive experience. And that takes research, invention, and an actionable plan for execution. It’s nuance and detail that separate the minimally viable experience from the actually preferred one.  So you need to plan for those details, and one to execute on them.

Technology Architecture Strategy

Delivering digital means mastering the details.

Technology delivery teams have often judged success based on a “Does it work?” mantra, but that standard has changed. Rather than, “Does it work?” you need to ask, “Does it deliver an industry-leading experience?” An MVP that does not deliver an ROI is a setback for the business. And ROI often comes in the nuance, not in the conspicuous.

Your technology strategy needs to map to those nuances. Understanding how content and analytics will flow seamlessly from one touchpoint to the next securely and scalably is one half of the requirement. The other is to understand how it will be perceived by the user. It’s not just about what an application does that matters, but it’s equally about how it feels and behaves. This has big implications for your architecture. We help you look across the entire digital landscape and plan for every factor driving success.


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