A Reckoning Amidst the Chaos, Part 3: Agile with Accountability

by Maark

In the conclusion of his three-part A RECKONING AMIDST THE CHAOS series, Maark CEO Michael Colombo reevaluates how we build teams and how we deliver within entrenched agile processes that output mediocrity.

These teams need to promise big things and then deliver them. Not incrementally over the course of years, but starting today. In the pre-pandemic euphoria of record-breaking markets and overseas cash-stashing, businesses could ease into their transformation. They could blend into an environment where almost everyone was winning even if they were winning less. Today, they can’t wait. As I said in Part 1, it’s a change-now-or-get-left-behind environment. High-performing agile teams who promise big things and are held accountable for delivering them will drive that change.

Read the full article here.

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