A Reckoning Amidst the Chaos, Part I: Run Lean

by Michael Colombo

Mike Colombo, CEO and founder of Maark, has started a three-part series on Velocitize about the way business should be changing. In Part I, he looks at the mandate to run lean when it comes to digital:

Instead of demanding the sudden delivery of new capabilities, companies should first focus on their culture. They need to create a new environment—one where world class digital experiences can be delivered quickly. That has been the problem all along. It has not been for lack of resources that digital transformation projects have taken too long and delivered too little. It’s been for an abundance of resources.

Read the full article here, and then make sure to return over the next two weeks as he continues the series.

Photo: ccho

Mike is the founder of Maark and has served as the agency’s strategic, creative and technology lead in programs ranging from complete digital transformation of Fortune 500 clients, end-to-end relaunch of category-leading brands, and strategy, design and development of new digital products.

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