Case Study

Transforming the Selling Process across 32 Brands & 7,000 Properties

We worked with Marriott to provide both internal and external sellers with a single source of truth for all brand and property content across the portfolio.

The hospitality industry is chasing millennial consumers that are extremely savvy, connected, and traveling in greater numbers than any other generation. This shift is impacting not just the way that hospitality companies position themselves and their services to millennials on leisure travel, but to enterprises and event planners looking for modern, relevant travel and meeting experiences as well. 

As Marriott has undergone massive change at nearly every level of its business over the last several years, the merger with Starwood brought on a new set of challenges for integrating messaging, content, and technologies across the joint enterprise. With B2B audiences as a focal point for the company’s growth, Marriott wanted to create an industry-leading sales platform that would serve the needs of all of its sales teams across the new enterprise.

Providing a single source of truth for all brand and property content across the enterprise.

Content is still king, but it’s extremely difficult to contain when that content is spread across 7,000 properties and nearly a dozen enterprise systems.  In order to give that content the power to sell, we needed to integrate these systems in a single application that presented the entire portfolio of properties in a branded and user-friendly experience.

Sales Companion provided the first portfolio-wide search across the combined Marriott and Starwood portfolio, and discreet filtering on a number of different key selling criteria.

Create sales efficiency without sacrificing the brand.

With brand, property, and sales content centralized, we created tools that transformed the selling process for both internal and 3rd party sellers. Where once labor-intensive, incomplete solutions with often outdated information was the status quo, a new digital sales process was introduced that included easy-to-use property comparison, presentation, and personalization tools.

Sales Companion users are able to build their own presentations with multiple properties, tailored to their customers.

Learn what’s working and pass that learning seamlessly across the sales organization.

With a unified experience comes real insightful data about what’s working, what’s not working, and how customers are responding in real time. The Sales Companion platform allows the sales organization to uniformly track sales content, response from customers to that content, and make organization-wide improvements informed by the right data.

The Results


Enterprise systems integrated in four months


Countries currently using the platform


Languages supported in the platform


Internal and external sellers using the platform


Presentations created in the first 3 months


Portfolio searches in the first three months