Case Study

Building a Brand of Patient Empathy and Medical Expertise

We helped Ermi transform its brand to match both its cutting-edge medical solutions and its goals for getting those solutions to patients who are suffering.

Ermi is a medical device company focused on healing severe motion loss in patients. The company had astounding success metrics for its program, but it needed to tell that story clearly and plausibly while resonating with different audiences who had varying concerns and priorities.

Ermi partnered with Maark to create a new narrative, a new brand, and new collateral, all designed with the end objective of getting its solutions into the hands of the patients who need them.

Crafting a Story for Greater Goods and Bottom Lines

New medical treatments are only implemented if their value is understood by all of the relevant roles within the very complex U.S medical system, from the patients to doctors to physical therapists and insurance payors.

We needed to tell a story that resonated both emotionally and practically for all of these audiences. After an intense period of interviewing the relevant stakeholders and performing in-depth research, we crafted the idea of “Free to Move Again, Free to Live Again.” The tag line sets the stakes for those who have lost range of motion in their limbs, but also paints the desired end state for patients who follow the Ermi program.

website banner

The story spoke to patients, doctors, physical therapists, and insurance payors, all of whom were vested in healing this condition, but also had practical concerns around efficacy and cost. We then created separate, but parallel stories under that topline that spoke directly to those concerns for each audience.

Creating a Unique Brand for a Unique Solution

Once the message was in place, the brand needed to reflect it. It needed to be human and approachable, without losing the authority of Ermi's expertise in the field. Basically, exactly how you want your doctor to be.

Ermi logo and tagline lockup.

We designed a new logo mark that visualizes the full range of motion that each patient regains after using an Ermi device. The construction of the mark influenced the full visual system, providing a strong foundation for the brand story.

Logo construction.


Brand Guidelines.

Each of the custom brand graphics that we built for Ermi represents one of the four types of motion: flexion, extension, pronation, and supination. In this way, the visual language of the brand was both beautiful to look at and supported the core message.

Brand Graphics.

Launching the Gold Standard for the Brand

Once the message and brand were in place, it was time to incarnate those into a new website, one that distilled all the previous work into a single source that told the story, showed the brand in its best light, and segmented the audiences into their own stories. We also created custom video and product photography, as well as brochure collateral that was in line with the new message and brand.

New website.


Mobile website.



Device videos.


Booth design.


Custom photography.

The Results

Ermi came out of this process transformed, both in how it approached the market, but how the company felt about itself and its ability to rally around its vision for healing patients with severe motion loss.

“Today starts a new era for Ermi. We have launched our new brand, and MAARK has been a great partner in helping us develop it.”

Bob Baumgartner / Director of Marketing, Ermi