Case Study

Navigating the Digital-First Frontier in Financial Services

We helped John Hancock Investments re-imagine their experience for financial advisers and deliver them some of the best tools in the asset management industry.

The financial services industry is changing as fast as the markets. Transparency has gone mainstream, and capitalizing technologies continue to reshape the experience for a new generation of investors.

We partnered with John Hancock Investments on their digital transformation journey with a goal to solve some of the industry's largest operational challenges, and to provide financial advisors with the content and compelling digital services that matter most.

Making a Difference with Data

Committed to providing industry-leading insight into each of their financial products, John Hancock Investments first needed to address the challenge of integrating and distributing in-depth product data easily across the enterprise. As the industry shifts toward more transparent products and investment vehicles, data has become the critical factor in investment justification from large institutions all the way down to the individual investor.

We partnered with John Hancock Investments marketing, product, IT, and compliance organizations to surface in-depth product data and associated risk and fee disclosures and collect them in a single system for distribution across print and digital channels throughout the enterprise. We call this system Maestro.

Maestro: Industry-leading investment data, automation, and API platform built to enable digital transformation for asset managers.

Launching an Industry-Leading Showcase

Data is the foundation, but it's the interface that's the brand. We worked with John Hancock Investments to bring the data and their industry-leading thought leadership content to financial advisers in a new cutting edge website, built on the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

Daily prices, performance, rating, and investment documentation for over 180 funds easily accessible to financial advisers.

Integrating the Systems Behind the Experience

JHI Systems Icons

Delivering a world class experience on the front end often means integrating state-of-the art infrastructure on the back end. A complete overhaul and integration of new back end technologies, including CMS, DAM, CRM, SSO, eCommerce, marketing automation, and analytics systems were required to really transform the sales and marketing operations.

Driving Engagement through Digital Channels

Relevancy in digital goes beyond a great website. You need to be where your audience is looking at the time they are making decisions. As part of its media strategy, John Hancock Investments focused heavily on digital channels that provide deep insight into the performance of their content and the intent of their audience.

John Hancock Investments social media ads for Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Results


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Increase in Avg. Session Length


Increase in Monthly Active Users (MAU)


Increase in pages per visit


Increase in Document Downloads


Increase in Organic Site Traffic

Marketing Team Efficiency

Clear understanding of channels driving engagement with specific types of content.

Clear understanding of the shelf life of content. Ability to hone content velocity.

Clear understanding of which types of content lead to time spent with specific types of products.

Sales Team Efficiency

More engaged advisors with more resources at their disposal.

Longer tail reach into the advisor community through self-service tools.

Ability to segment and track audience interactions, and then personalize the digital experience.

Organizational Benefits

Automation: Reduce time spent on back office tasks.

Reduced Risk: Leverage innovation to ensure compliance across the enterprise.

Unified Vision: Deep insight gleaned from correlated data across digital channels drives strategy.