Case Study
Case Study

Case Study

Building a Platform for the Future of Audio Production

A new generation of producers is changing how the industry uses audio technology, and we helped iZotope create a platform to capture these ever-evolving customer opportunities.

The audio industry is moving and changing in exciting ways. A new generation of music and movie makers are embracing powerful, streamlined audio production tools and maker-style attitudes. These artists do it all—create, mix, master, and they want consumer-friendly, cloud-based audio software that allows them to make chart-topping art right on their laptops.

iZotope tools are involved in almost every new movie and every new song. But iZotope didn’t want to miss a beat with the changing industry, so it brought Maark in to modernize its web platform so that it could adapt and appeal to its entire customer base, wherever they took audio.


Integrating AEM and the Adobe Marketing Cloud

iZotope had already chosen Adobe Marketing Cloud products—Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics—as the backbone of its marketing platform. We used our deep Adobe expertise and our focus on AEM to architect, integrate, and optimize those backend systems, as well as it ecommerce platform, to create an ideal foundation for a website experience that was vital to the company’s strategy and growth.

MAA IZO TechStack

Executing on a Premier Audio Brand

The iZotope brand is a strong one, but it has a diverse audience that ranges across movie, TV, and music industries at every level, from high-end professional to hobbyist. It also has a deep product portfolio to match the varied needs of that audience. iZotope wanted to ensure that its platform not only showcased its brand and its products in the best light but made it an engaging experience that clarified its offerings and led directly to sales.

Maark’s creative team worked tightly with iZotope’s creative team to develop a design system that empowered a dynamic, industry-leading experience that engaged the audio community, who come to for its multimedia educational resources and product information, as well as to purchase products through its online storefront.


Building a World-Class Experience

iZotope knew that its website isn’t merely a website. It's a platform for sales and activation, product support, training, and the center of all their sales and marketing efforts. This platform had to work not just today to engage, educate, and move products, but into the future as the industry changed. The platform must be as high-performance as the audio products it sells.

Maark built the complex backend and frontend, weaving together the Adobe marketing and CMS products, the ecommerce platform, CRM, analytics, and the demanding design into a flagship product for iZotope and in plenty of time for the all-important holiday shopping season.


The Maark team, in my experience, was unique in that they have a very deep technical expertise, they also bring a very strong creative and brand sensibility, and are very focused on customer outcomes.”

John Bigay

Chief Marketing Officer,

iZotope, Inc.

The Results


YoY increase in sales in quarter following launch


YoY increase in transactions in quarter following launch


YoY increase in conversion rate in quarter following launch

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